Values-Driven Education Solutions

We offer individualized and customized learning approaches

By optimizing resources and time, the MEG Model enables schools/educators to spend more time in the classroom and interacting with parents, students and the community

While the individualized and customized learning approaches are unique to each school, McLean Education Group provides tools and resources to support all aspects of school operations.

The four key attributes that form our core values are:

  • Academic Excellence and Student Achievement
  • Caring and Responsible Leadership
  • Safe and Engaging Learning Environments
  • Community and Social Responsibility

To achieve this we provide:

  • Extensive staff mentorship, professional development
    and training
  • Research-based academic methodologies and frameworks
  • Highly-disciplined, measured marketing, admission/ enrollment and parental communication processes
  • Monitoring of student and parent satisfaction ratings
  • Extensive outreach designed to increase profile within the professional community to enhance teacher retention, recruitment and professional development opportunities
  • Extracurricular and enrichment activities (with sensitivity to community profile; e.g., arts, STEM, athletics, community service etc.)
  • Centralized business practices, financial reporting and
    operating procedures


We are experienced in a wide breadth of educational offerings:

International Baccalaureate





PreK- University Entrance


International programs